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Clear-Tech Fluoro Carbon 30m Spools 15lb/25lb/30lb

Clear-Tech Fluoro Carbon 30m Spools 15lb/25lb/30lb

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Breaking Strain

Clear-Tech is available in

15lb with a diameter of .35

25lb with a diameter .45

NEW 30lb with a diameter of .50

All are perfect for rigs, with the 25lb ideal for leader material and the 30lb ideal for stiff booms.

Supple non memory fluoro carbon hooklink material, invisible and very strong.  As fluoro Carbon has nearly the same refractive index as water, it's great in clear water fishing, using its own camouflage properties, maximizing your chance of catching the fish.

Another great product for Carp Fishing and Course Fishing Rigs

Perfect for Anti Tangle Stiff Rigs. 

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