Part 1 - The Rig Diaries - Julian Cundiff

Part 1 - The Rig Diaries - Julian Cundiff

The Rig It Diaries - Julian Cundiff

Having used Rig It Tackles ' services ' since 2015 I hate to think how many times I've rattled on about sharpened hooks, Big Ring Swivels and the like so when Lisa came up with the idea of a short monthly blog the last thing I wanted to do was ' same old, same old ' month in month out. So welcome to my monthly blogg that will be a little different whilst still touching on my fishing and the company. There is very little black and white in carp fishing ( think right and wrong ) yet despite all the twaddle I read from some anglers I've yet to hear or read one credible reason that explains why a sharpened hook does not convert more pick ups to hooked carp. Stuff like ' hooks should be sharp enough as they come ', ' I've never needed them ', ' it causes them to break ' are trotted out with little thought and probably more like it will keep my sponsors happy if I say their hooks are sharp enough outta the packet. Think of it this way that even if you believe that then why on earth do Korda do a sharpened hook IN ADDITION to their standard range of hook patterns ? Why do so many hook sharpening kits / extras still sell so well ? Surely if it was a ' con ' they'd all have been rumbled years ago ? Why did so many anglers talk about Jason Hayward sharpening their hooks ? Why do so many look for that extra special hook in each pack of ten and ditch the rest ? Possibly the eye, maybe the finish but more likely the point looked sharper . Why do you think all my 4 and 5 Twisters go for sharpening ? Not because I like keeping the post office going or because I like keeping Lee busy but because I know that when used in the CORRECT circumstances they will help me catch more carp. It's tempting to believe that when your favourite carp angler says that THEY don't use sharpened hooks and back it up with big carp images that YOU can follow that mantra too. Believe me it's no level playing field, not by a long shot. They will undoubtably be fishing more than you, they will usual be on big fish venues and lastly and probably most importantly the experience they have will be priceless. What I would say that IN MY OPINION had they used the sharpest hook possible they'd have caught more. So just a short snappy point to start the series but hopefully an important one. Whenever you read or hear advice consider who is giving you it and how you as an individual and the waters you are fishing match up ?  Sometimes it pays to be a little cynical, or should I say realistic at times.

 Another session. Location, timing, bait application and hooking efficiency.

That's a bite

Look at that point. That's not gonna catch any LESS carp..


Apologies for the quality but the first carp I ever caught on a Rig It Tackle sharpened hook over 7 years ago!

See you next month and be lucky


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