Part 5 - The Rig Diaries - Julian Cundiff - Looking after your edge

Part 5 - The Rig Diaries - Julian Cundiff - Looking after your edge

Looking after your edge Part 5

Hopefully you enjoyed last months Part 4 which covered caring for the points during construction ( it was uploaded on the 15th February ) as this month I'm going to cover looking after those points bankside and beyond.

1. As I said in Part 1 I never construct rigs on the bank, I take them in rig boxes which I find ideal. Typically l take four boxes with me.
Sharpened 4
Sharpened 5
Packet 4 / 5
Supple 4,5 and 6
I'm pretty boring when it comes to rig choices but I'm also pretty consistent results wise ( make of that what you want ). Each box has around 20 / 25 ready constructed presentations in either brown, greeen or dark silt colour (hooklengths). Each rig box has a white sticker to indicate what is in each one.

2. Once you've decided on your swim ( for whatever reason ) you need to decide what rig to use and of course leading about is your best tool. This IS'NT a piece on RIG CHOICE so I'll avoid that save to say only lead about with a bare lead NOT with a hooklength attached.

3. So you've decided on rig choice now go to the correct one stored in the rig box. I ALWAYS store mine when tied at home inside the rig box with point protectors on them just in case.
Occasionally these can fall off in the rig box but as hook is round the metal retaining bar it should not be an issue. Be careful when you take the pin out of the cork and take the hook off the metal retaining pin carefully. Don't ping your point on it or in the box, as it's easy done.

4. Using your eyes ( or an eye glass if you're near sighted ) check the hook point. Ninety nine times outta one hundred they will be wicked sharp but if you've turned it by catching it in the rig box then you need to carefully assess whether you can save it ? Most of the time you can with a gentle file with a finishing file but if you've really messed up bin it. Best to waste a hook and a bit
of hooklength than decrease your chances.

5. Add your shot / putty if necessary and your hookbait. Ensure that point is still wicked sharp before you tie the presentation to the end tackle. I can do it visually and by touch but again some need an eye glass. Whatever works best for you!

6. When I'm fishing a multi rig pop up nine times out of ten I use two pieces of PVA foam as I've detailed numerous times so I'm not going to go over old ground. There's a big piece on it on my Julian Cundiff Angling Page and it's part of the one hour film I did on YouTube ( Julian Cundiff Multi Rig ). That protects the point on the cast and improves presentation over weed allowing the hookbait to settle perfectly.

7. If ( rarely ) I'm using a sharpened hook on the bottom with a mesh bag when I nick the point through the mesh it's important not to ping the hookpoint on a pellet, chopped boily etc. Soft crumb, Flake etc is perfect. You can of course use a sharpened hook in a solid bag but ensure the point is in crumb. Sharpened points have a habit of ending up with bits of boily impaled on them.

8. However you fish your sharpened hook if you miss cast / need to cast out again it's vital to check your hookpoint each and everytime you wind in ready to cast out again. With experience you can do it by touch and eyesight but if in doubt dig out that eye glass. Never cast out hoping / thinking
it's might well not be.

Hopefully this advice helps you on the bank. I don't need to tell you NOT to use a sharpened hook after a take. Be it a nuisance fish or a carp don't risk it please. Snip that hooklength off in the net, get a new presentation whacked out there and then sort that fish out.

Have a great spring

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